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Here are our most important rules: 1. Do not double post or spam - Please edit your message rather than leaving another reply, if you are the last poster in a topic. Posting numerous replies in a row is considered spamming at this forum. Multiple posts in a row by the same author will be merged into one by a Moderator. We try to read all our posts, so "bumping" isn't appreciated and is considered spamming. If you feel that your problem has been overlooked, please PM a team member to notify the team, if you didn’t get a reply within 24 hours. No sooner than that though. Abusing this "system" will result in a warning or a mute. If you have more than one problem regarding the same game or software, keep everything in the same topic and DO NOT open more than one topic about the same problem with the game or software in question. Double-posting, spamming and/or posting your problem all over the forum will result in a warning and eventually a (permanent) ban! OPEN YOUR OWN TOPIC FOR YOUR OWN PROBLEM(S) AND DO NOT POST YOUR PROBLEMS IN OTHER TOPICS, even if seems like you're dealing with the same issue! 2. DO NOT post ANY personal information - You may not post any personal information on this Forum. If you post personal information, despite this rule, your message will be edited by a Moderator or Administrator as soon as we can and you may get a warning or mute. If you keep posting personal information, we'll have to ban you eventually. We do care about privacy and due to the nature of what we do, we take this rule VERY seriously. 3. No Profanity, Obscene Content (including, but not limited to, Pornographic Content) and Inappropriate Language - Such content does not belong on this Forum. A censor system is in place as a backup. If you see words in your post being replaced with ****, you have tried to use a forbidden word. Please edit your post and tone it down. To edit a post, click the "Edit" button in the upper-right corner of your post. Cheating the censor system is against the rules. 4. No Advertising - You are not allowed to make money using this Forum. Do not use the member list to obtain user information to harass people to purchase a product from you. If you want to advertise something on this Forum, you must get permission from one of the Forum Administrators. If you advertise without permission, you may get a warning or a mute. Spamming your advertisement will usually result in a direct permanent ban. 5. No Hacking - You are not permitted to hack other's accounts nor the Forum. Guessing someone else's password and succeeding counts as hacking. Members who hack (or try to do so) will instantly get a permanent IP ban, without any warnings. 6. No outside links - Any links to content that has not been pre-approved by a member of our team will be censored. We don't want anyone to get in trouble after downloading something at our Forum and we will not take responsibility for downloads we haven't had a chance to review. This includes, but is not limited to torrents and .Sims3pack files. Genuine software (like GameBooster, drivers, etc.) is permitted, as well as content from Nraas, MATY and Modthesims. We would ask that you post a link to a page rather than a direct download link though, so users can review the material before deciding to download it. 7. No Discrimination or racism - You may not judge or insult members based on their religion, race, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. This is worse than flaming, because it hurts other users as well. This rule includes the use of words that are generally considered offensive or insensitive to certain groups of people. 8. No Bullying - Do not pick on other members. Be patient and respectful to everyone, especially new users. Bullying doesn’t fit in to the spirit of our forum. 9. Do a good search before asking something - Please use our search button, because almost all questions have been answered before. Also be sure to check out all the "Fixes" sections first, prior to posting your problem. If your problem is unique, or wasn’t fixed after reading other topics on the subject, feel free to open a new topic. Please try to post your topic in the appropriate section. No questions in the “fixes” section please, those topics are clearly marked with “do not post any questions in this thread” messages and any questions or problems regarding these fixes will be deleted. If you break one of these rules, the following penalties will apply (first time, second time, third time...) with the exception of breaking the rule "No Hacking" which immediately results in a permanent IP ban: 1. Warning - Depending on how serious a violation is, you will be issued a warning first. 2. Muting - Muting for a certain time. 3. Temporary ban - People who cause more problems after being muted for a certain time, will be banned from the Forum for a certain time. 4. Permanent (IP) ban - At this point it is obvious that you're only here to cause problems, thus, a permanent ban is necessary to get rid of the problems you cause.